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We live and breathe our values. That applies to our clients and employees alike. We treat all people with respect, trust and care. Transparency, honesty and creativity underpin everything we do. Wellbeing is also a huge part of our day to day.

Our people are respected and celebrated for who they are. We all have different backgrounds, cultures, skills and perspectives, and we’ve all got unique strengths which makes our team pretty powerful.

As if collaborating with a small, but vibrant bunch of healthy, humble, insanely talented individuals wasn’t enough, the fact is that you’ll be bringing ideas to life for some of the best health and wellness brands in the world (well we think so anyway).

Every one of our team is given the freedom and tools to do their best work, both technically and personally. This means respecting and nurturing your wellbeing, development and happiness at every stage of your journey with us. These are just some of the ways we focus on our people.


Healthy breakfasts on site – we’re talking smoothies, porridge or salad (so far, but if there’s something else you prefer, we’ll get that too).

On the horizon: Twice-yearly personal health coaching sessions to nip some of those health niggles in the bud.


You can choose between a gym membership at the onsite PureGym or a monthly class-package at our local yoga studio – The Lodge.


Monthly team yoga, office-massage or meditation sessions either in the office or at The Lodge.


Standing desks, plants, salt lamps, the office dog (Halo), Pukka tea, filtered water, grounding mats…and if you have any other healthy ideas for the space we’d love to hear them.


We’re not just saying this, we’re living it. We get it, encourage it and support it…and 99% of the time we’ll get you home in time for dinner. To support this initiative, we will give you an allowance a month (included in your salary) to put towards communication costs (phone calls, data use, internet etc).


We lease our equipment, but while you’re working with us you will have your own shiny new apple laptop to use as you please.



We’re a group of never ending learners, so every year you have an allowance to spend on training and books, plus 5 days to simply learn (or read all of your books).


We love an entrepreneurial spirit! Got a product or business idea you want to develop in work time? Pitch it to us and if we think you’re onto something, you’ll be able to allocate some of your time to grow it further.


Our London office is in Bermondsey. We have had a lot of fun creating an awesome healthy workspace for our team!


Click through to read more about each job role listed below. If any of them sound like a bit of you, simply email us with a friendly hello along with your CV and / or Folio.

Note – if a role is not highlighted, we are not hiring for it right now but will be in the very near future.

Also watch this space for our new office opening soon!


Current: Client Wellness Manager

Social Media Wellness Executive- Filled! Welcome to the team, Zoe!


Account Manager


Creative Team

Content & Social Strategist

The journey to join us…

    1. Say hello! Send us a friendly hello along with your CV and / or Folio (see email links on individual roles). We love to see a comment or two about your interest in health, fitness and wellness as well.
    2. Quick chat. If we like what we see, we’ll give you a call for a casual chat.
    3. Meet the team. Come in and meet us in our office environment, we will have a more in-depth chat about our combined passions on health, wellness, communications and creativity before introducing you to the team over a kombucha to see how we might all be able to work together.
    4. Offer. If we both come to realise this is fate, we’ll send you an offer letter and once agreed we can chat about a start date. All of our contracts start with a three month probation period, just in case either of us realise it wasn’t meant to be after all.

Get ready to help change the world through our client’s products and services! It’s an amazing ride and we will do our best to support and challenge you everyday.

If you like what you see here but don’t fit one of the current openings, we’d still love to talk. Send us an email to with a friendly hello.