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Feel-Good Mallorca

Bridging the gap between wellness and travel – connecting people with inspirationally fulfilling and authentic wellness experiences in beautiful destinations, the world over.

This is travel reimagined.

The future booking.com or airbnb of wellness?

Wellness Traveller embodies a unique fusion of travel and wellness, recognising that time away can be a powerful tool for renewal. Instead of returning from a holiday feeling depleted, we created a brand focused on rejuvenating travellers. By spotlight destinations where wellness is ingrained in the culture, offering abundant opportunities for the ultimate feel-good experiences. Wellness Traveller exists to bridge the gap between travel and true rejuvenation.

What we did

We created and crafted a brand that encompasses all aspects of wellness within a travel-booking website. From brand and digital strategy to full conception we offered an end to end delivery centred around a globally integrated booking site allowing travellers to taylor unique wellness experiences and stays.
Initially rolled out for the wellness-mecca island of Mallorca, Spain, watch as this brand continues to grow to make wellness accommodation and services accessible globally.

Find your feel good and explore the best of Mallorca wellness. Whether you’re searching for pure relaxation, all-out action and adventure or improved health, Wellness Traveller will help you create your dream wellness holiday.