Tarwi Foods

Tarwi Foods

Clean. Sustainable. Healthy.

Tarwi delivers simple and convenient foods made of natural, high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, that are good for the people and good for the planet.

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Tarwi Foods

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The Insight

Navigating the healthy snack market can be difficult at the best of times. Due to an overload of information, lack of clarity around healthy ingredients and the perception that healthy eating is expensive and boring, people can be put off buying typical health snack products.

Tarwi is the solution to a healthy, filling on the go snack, which can easily be integrated into people’s busy routines. Building an interesting, trustworthy and go to brand that encourages and enhances a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Difference

We worked with Tarwi using our bespoke branding workshops to truly uncover the Tarwi brand’s purpose and portrayal.

Using a strategic approach within the branding, creatively we were able to outwardly reflect the character traits of passion, bravery and relentlessness. Communicating the brand’s focus in a vibrant, dynamic and outgoing way.

Tarwi’s logo mark, hand crafted and completely unique, is an unapologetic statement anchored by ethical, natural roots.

Overall the brand is consistently reflected within all of the touchpoints that we created, including packaging, website and social media – all creating impact while strengthening an approach.

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Our Clients’

kind words

We worked with Skipper & Skipper to define the strategy for the Tarwi brand. Their unique approach to healthy thinking was key to help us translate our vision into words, and ultimately into a visual identity that truly reflects our ideals. From the fonts, the colours and the hand crafted logo to the overall imagery, the Skippers were able to fully grasp and represent all aspects of our brand’s personality. An incredible amount of thought – and long conversations between both of us – was put into work, resulting in what we felt was a great outcome.

CATA Gorgulho

Director & Co-founder, Tarwi Foods.

Website Design & Development

The Tarwi website was created within Shopify to reflect the overall brand essence, educate about the power of healthy eating, as well as the susutainable nature of Lupins, discuss Tarwi’s brand values – and provide an excellent shopping experience for the healthy-snack advocate.

The outcome of this work speaks for itself!

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Conclusion Here

We’re proud of this brand and the founders of Tarwi are too. 

All of our creative work reflects the purpose and positioning required of the brand. Tarwi is a great example of that.