Functional Self

Creating an original brand with a clear purpose to break into and make a dent in the already buzzing health & wellbeing industry.

Defining who you are is a powerful expression of self-belief. Defining how one functions, then becomes the ultimate goal. We defined brand goals to which Functional Self continually strive in bringing function and purpose, with the intention of helping their community to push one’s self.

We created more than just a brand – we created a belief system.

We wrote and executed a brand strategy, giving Functional Self a unique tone of voice, visual language and engaging digital environment that consumers could trust.

Delivering a clear brand bible enabled all third party contributors to within a very short time frame produce a myriad of content that adhered to a unified direction.

Our versatility enabled us to produce a full service offering delivering everything from brand idealisation, full digital eco system, packaging, promotional material and traditional advertising.

Managing all aspects of the brand creation meant that we were intellectually engrained in what the company were doing and looking to achieve. This enabled us to contribute heavily in a consultancy capacity towards driving company development, helping them progress on their journey.

Digital Strategy and User Insight

A full digital eco system was produced that enabled consumers to not just learn about and purchase products but provided personalised profiling and content distribution allowing them an education at every step of their journey towards achieving optimal performance.

Engaging Social Media

Inspiring an already inspired demographic isn’t easy but through purpose driven strategies we were able to continue to educate and engage global audiences.

Part of our offering on the back of the content strategy was the publishing of on-trend content across social, email and blog.

We researched interviewed and curated numerous digital campaigns that focussed communication toward educating the brand’s audiences at the same time as integrating related products to our messages. This way consumers were not just pushed products, they were made aware of problems, informed on the subject and then given holistically focused solutions.