Body Vibe

Fast, sleek and successful


Technology, fitness and optimal performance combine to bring busy professional women a holistically tailored approach to gain confidence, self love and shift unwanted barriers.

The brief for Body Vibe was that it needed to be an empowering brand that portrays strong purpose and balance.

The design of the logo and website, use of specific imagery and a colour recognised for health, success, balance and happiness delivered exactly what it needed to for this fitness brand to succeed. The clear design was purposed consistently across all appropriate platforms for which we delivered every step of the way.

A Sleek and Healthy Website. 

A bright, beautiful, clean, consistent website delivered key information to a health, fitness, wellness focused audience which gave them an avenue to enlist our client for her services.

Healthy Social Media

Providing design and copy for inspirational posts on Facebook and Instagram, that spoke volumes of the Body Vibe brand, to an audience with a specific focus to achieve overall health and wellness using new technology.