Duncan and Kate – a husband and wife team – started the agency with a unified belief in the immense value that can be generated when communicating a message that brings brand and audience together in the pursuit of positive change.

Originating from New Zealand and based in London they are extensive travellers who live in pursuit of a growth only gained through experience. This inspired influence is what drives ds creative to work with brands and individuals from all over the world helping communicate a wider variety of authentic messages.


Unrivalled creative passion inspiring
Healthy Thinking.

Over 20 years experience within the creative industry, gained on both sides of the globe has provided Duncan a healthy awareness working within the top levels of the creative and strategic processes for global brands, on international campaigns.

Growing from a pixel perfect digital artist to a 360 degree integrated Creative Director Duncan has gained market leading knowledge of the intricacies within every touch point of an agency’s offering.

Core values that direct everything he does are bred out of sheer passion, hard work and dedication. As an international sportsman torturous training sessions allowed him to discover not just how far he could push himself, but a belief in what he can achieve. That competitive nature infects everything he does and those he brings along with him.


Genuine strategic insight influencing Healthy Ideas.

A drive to continually educate affords Kate a healthy hunger for knowledge which in turn benefits our clients on a daily basis. A working background in marketing, advertising and project management that was nurtured in the South Pacific then honed within some of the biggest global financial brands here in London.

Kate’s user centric approach to people first strategies, helps amplify the unique characteristics and tone of voice that reshapes the way people relate to brands.

Kate has a whole lot of energy and passion to create success for all brands, but with an educated curiosity in optimal health and wellness gives a special focus, belief and value. This positions her as an expert partner to brands and individuals alike, who are working in the pursuit to help others bring about change, and ultimately live a healthier, happier life.