At Skipper & Skipper, we believe one of the smartest decisions any organisation can make is to invest in the health and wellbeing of its people.

An engaged and thriving workforce is the engine that drives a healthy, high performing business. And in today's competitive landscape - with talent increasingly looking for employers to support their health, wellbeing and fulfilment - the benefits of doing so are more valuable than ever.

We are passionate about partnering with organisations to develop and deliver employee wellbeing programmes that are uniquely relevant for their people and business, and strategically aligned with their brand, purpose and vision.

From strategy to delivery, our expertise includes:

Wellbeing programme strategy and planning

Programme branding

Content design and creation

Wellbeing programme delivery

Delivering an
inspiring experience

As experts in brand communication and culture our intrinsic understanding of the human behaviours that influence healthy lifestyle choices provides us a special focus in building thriving cultures - by empowering people to be their best self at work and in life.

We partner with Synergy Health to bring world class wellbeing solutions and experiences to organisations, delivering solutions and create experiences that empower people by putting their unique needs and our clients content in their hands.

The Synergy platform is 100% customisable to brands, offers personalised wellbeing discovery, gamification mechanics and tested human behaviour nudges to engage people through a series of healthy motivational and behavioural content and initiatives that make a difference.

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We unleash healthy thinking and creativity to help business thrive through wellness.

By empowering and supporting your employees to take charge of their wellbeing, you can inspire a healthier future for your people, your business, your customers and the communities you operate in. Because everyone wins when we champion better health and wellbeing.

So, let's chat wellbeing.

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