Dedicated to serving brands in the pursuit of guiding people towards healthier, happier, more balanced lives.

About us

We are a full service creative agency working with clients all over the world, focusing on brands that help people live healthier lives. We are passionate about health and wellness and we believe in the power of our client’s products and services, because they have the ability to change lives.

Kate & Duncan Skipper started the agency in early 2017 with the belief that immense value can be generated when communicating a message that brings a brand and audience together in the pursuit of positive change.

An opportunity to work with a large organisation in Australia and New Zealand, led us to opening a second office in Melbourne in late 2019. The two offices enable Skipper & Skipper to work with clients on both sides of the dateline and everywhere in between.

Our focus is to work with as many healthy-minded people to be part of the change. With clients all around the world encompassing our ethos of Healthy Thinking, we’re helping nurture brands and individuals on their journey to fulfilling their potential and communicating the story they believe in to global audiences with great success.

The impact will only be as big as it needs to be, if we all work together.

Our guiding purpose
Inspire more and more people to lead healthier lifestyles.
Let's work together

Working global thinking local

We are a dynamic full service creative agency, proving ourselves on a global scale.

With offices in London and Melbourne, and of course using the power of Zoom, that allows us to work with brands all over the world.

Join our healthy family and together we can change lives. Change futures. Change the world.

Our Founders

Duncan and Kate – a husband and wife team – started the agency with a unified belief in the immense value that can be generated when communicating a message that unites brands and people in the pursuit of positive change.

Originating from New Zealand and with ten years in London but now based in Melbourne, they both have an educated curiosity in optimal health and wellness which gives themselves and their agency a special focus, belief and value.

This inspired influence is what drives Skipper & Skipper to work with brands and individuals from all over the world helping communicate a wider variety of authentic, healthy messages.

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