We unleash healthy thinking and creativity to help brands, businesses and people thrive through wellness.

We partner with brands to help them create healthy workplaces, passionate cultures, thriving businesses.

Through wellness, creativity and healthy thinking we deliver value beyond reason, elevating people, culture and business performance.

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Easyjet - Wellbeing the easy way

EasyJet Wellbeing the easy way

AIA Group - Believe in Better

AIA Group Believe in Better

Lumify Energy - Simplifying Renewables

Lumify Energy Simplifying Renewables

Don't just take our word for it.

"We chose to work with Skipper & Skipper because they had a very strong reputation within the health and wellbeing industry and we knew within 5 minutes of our first call that they shared our high standards, customer-focussed approach and passion for having a positive impact on our world.

The team and Skipper & Skipper created a brand bible and associated assets that pulled our brand together and gave us the tools to visually communicate who we are, what we do and why we do it in a clear, consistent and engaging way. We are absolutely delighted with their work and feel it has evolved, elevated and energised our brand. The team at Skipper & Skipper were wonderful to work with. They asked the right questions, took their time to really listen to what we wanted and worked hard to get everything just right. We couldn’t recommend them more highly."

Emma James

COO, Kamwell Ltd

""Knowing where to start when developing a brand can be overwhelming, translating your brand image and message into something meaningful requires a combination of both passion and structure, this is where Skipper & Skipper were invaluable.

From the very first meeting we knew we'd be a good fit. Skipper & Skipper, like us, share passion for every aspect of wellness, community, social responsibility and a belief in sustainability. With enthusiasm and experience they were able to coach and help us define the cornerstone of an enduring brand. Their integrated services enabled us launch a wonderful website, develop social media campaigns and produce interesting and relevant blog content. Our journey with Skipper & Skipper is far from over and they continue to offer creative support as we establish our first wellness retreat; Aroha. We could not have been better served by this professional team and their dynamic leaders Duncan and Kate”."

Vaughan Nicholls

Co-Founder, Believe Hotel Group

"We worked with Skipper & Skipper to define the strategy for the Tarwi brand. Their unique approach to healthy thinking was key to help us translate our vision into words, and ultimately into a visual identity that truly reflects our ideals.

From the fonts, the colours and the hand crafted logo to the overall imagery, the agency was able to fully grasp and represent all aspects of our brand’s personality. An incredible amount of thought – and long conversations between both of us – was put into work, resulting in what we felt was a great outcome."

Cata Gorgulho

Director & Co-Founder, Tarwi Foods

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